Customize the homepage

Customize the homepage

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1- UPLOAD YOUR VIDEOS First of all you need to upload some video on demand in your area from the VIDEO section of the dashboard. Privacy must be set to Hidden otherwise you will not be able to associate this video with a series at a later time. Please note that a video can be associated with one series only. To insert the same video inside another series, you need to duplicate it. Once you have associated a video with a serie, when creating/editing the video or the series, the video will inherit its privacy automatically. *If the video is not associated with a series, it can only be shown on the homepage if its privacy is set to "Link" and the "video with description" section is added to the homepage.

2- CREATE CATEGORIES The next step is to create, if not already present, one or more categories from the organise section, to associate with the series that will contain your videos.If, for example, you run a fitness channel, your content could be categorised in this way: cardio, full body workout, yoga, nutrition. You can also use categories to define sets of content with the same purpose, e.g. “new release”, “coming soon”, “highlights of the week”. Create a category with a name that exemplifies the content you will associate it with, and select the "Show between categories in the search menu" option to make it visible inside the filter "CATEGORIES" headers menu.

3- ORGANIZE YOUR VIDEOS IN SERIES A series is a collection of videos, ordered manually. It can also consist of only one or two on demand videos, one of which is set as a trailer. A video trailer is a presentation video that is shown on the series main page, and will not be displayed in the list of videos in the series. After selecting the videos you want to include in the series, and choosing one or more categories, you need to change the privacy to "ALL" and make sure the "Preview for unregistered users" flag is selected. By default you will find the "All members" group selected which contains all registered users on the platform, if you want to restrict access to a specific group of users simply remove "All members" and select the desired group. Lastly, if it is a series that you want to sell individually, you can either include it now or later in a purchase solution, or include it later in a paid package.

4- CUSTOMIZE YOUR HOMEPAGE So now we can finally customize both your landing page and homepage using the preset sections. Go to SETTINGS - Customize - Editor -> In this way you will go inside the builder inside which you can edit all sections of your homepage. Once you have finished editing, click on the save button. More details on preset homepage sections here:

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