Create and Start a Live Streaming

Create and Start a Live Streaming

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To create a live video you need to select the "Manage Video" button, choose the "Live Streaming" option and enter all the needed information.


Once you have saved and the video is created you will have to click on the "Go live" button and the following page will be shown:



Now, if you haven't already done so, download OBS and start the program.

If this is your first time starting OBS, a window will automatically open to guide you through the configuration;

if not, click on "Tools" in the toolbar and select "Auto-configuration wizard".


Now, you need to get the keys to start streaming on Teyuto, then go back to OBS and click on "Settings".


Next click on "Streams" and select "Customise Streaming Server" and then enter the Live Server and Stream Key in the fields provided.


In the sources box, click on the + symbol to select the source from which to capture the video; then you are ready to broadcast the live broadcast by clicking on "Start Streaming".


To end the live broadcast, click on "Stop broadcast" and confirm the end of the broadcast on the "My Videos" page.

After the live broadcast the video will always be available for viewing on demand; for a few minutes, depending on the speed of your connection, the video will be in processing.


After the end of the process, the video can be viewed correctly.

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