Connect Zapier with Teyuto

Connect Zapier with Teyuto

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You can use Zapier integration to automatize different flows in your channel, Triggers and Actions are listed below.


  • get_user → to retrieve new users

  • get_charge → to retrieve new payments

  • get_subscription → to retrieve new subscriptions

  • get_subscription_canceled → to retrieve canceled subscriptions

  • get_user_play_video→ to retrieve users begin to play video

  • get_user_watched_video→ to retrieve users who have completed watching a video

  • get_abandoned_cart→ to retrieve users who abandoned a cart during the checkout phase


  • create_user→ create new users

  • manage_group→ manage users with groups

  • manage_subscription→ manage users subscriptions

Full reference To start using Zapier, visit the CUSTOMIZE section of your dashboard and click on the INTEGRATION tab of the section menu.



Click on "CONNECT" and a new window will open. To generate a new API KEY click on "GENERATE API KEY".



At the end of the operation you will find your key in the "Zapier" tab of the integrations menu.












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