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Video section

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Three different types of video can be created: video file upload, live streaming or video quiz.

For all three you can set:

  • Title (mandatory),

  • description and cover image

  • A date to make the video visible (or to hide it)

  • possibly with a notification.

  • A series to associate the video to.

  • The privacy of the video, which can be:

    • -------- HIDDEN in this way the video can also be associated with a series from the ORGANIZE-SERIES section (the only way to sell videos is to associate them with a paid series)

    • -------- PUBLIC (prev. LINK) to make the video visible to all those who have the generated url ⚠️ If the video is associated with a series, it inherits his privacy so you can not choose this option.

Once the settings have been saved, some buttons will appear next to the video preview image:

- Live streaming videos: the "GO LIVE" button will appear to get the options to generate the live streaming.

- Live streaming & on-demand videos: the “ANALYTICS” button let you analyse general metrics data in reference to the video.

- Quiz videos: click the "QUIZ RESULTS" button to show which users took the quiz and their final score, or the "MANAGE QUIZ" button to insert multiple questions and scores.

- On-demand videos: if the video has been associated with a series in which course mode is enabled, it is possible to upload an assessment from the edit panel and view the users' results by clicking on the "Assessment result" button.

From the list of videos, which can be sorted or grouped by series, you can access the settings menu containing the actions that can be performed on it, such as:

  • - Edit

  • - Duplicate: create another video with the same content but different references so it can be included in two different series

  • - Attachments: Attach documents to the video, downloadable on the video's reference page.

  • - Pop-up annotations: insert links or text that will pop up during the video.

  • - Subtitles: Insert subtitle files

  • - Delete

  • - Download video. 

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