Settings section

Settings section

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The Settings section is divided into the following menu items:

Customize it is possible to customise:

- Background and theme colour: defines the background and text colours of the channel. - Page for registered users, where the user lands once logged into the channel - Homepage for guest users (Landing page), using the platform's standard section addition system.

All sections will be present on all your OTT platforms in real time.


General Settings The following settings are available: - Logo and favicon: upload the correct file format and resolution to display your logo on the channel pages and the favicon in the search engine. - Footer information: text that will be placed in the footer under the language selection. - Video list style: horizontal (video previews within the series page are displayed in a single horizontal slider) or vertical (previews are placed side by side in a grid). - Disable regular registration and make it dependent on an invitation from the admins - Do not make the verification email mandatory to authorise user subscription to the channel - Email address for support (displayed at the bottom of the page) - External link containing customised "terms and conditions of service" and "privacy policies". - Maximum number of connected devices per user - Geoblocking: select the countries where you want to block access to the channelOther options: - Display like / views icon in the video or series preview: if selected, this option adds the icons and the respective identification numbers of likes and views to the video and/or series previews. - Display of connected users in real time during live broadcasts. - Display the live chat box during live broadcasts. - Display the comment box inside the on-demand videos page. - Hide the "video" option from the "Browse" header menu


Custom Page Creating a customised part of the page is interesting if you want to add external content (links) or completely customised content (pure html code) to make your channel even more original. A button will be added inside the header to access the page. More info here:


Integrations It is possible to connect the platform to different applications and make the channel more performing, contact the support for more information.


Ad Tag / Pre-roll -PRE-ROLL VIDEO Upload a video to your VIDEO area of the dashboard and set privacy to: PUBLIC. Login to this section and select the video to set it as a preview. Whenever the user watches a piece of content (except trailers) they will automatically see it before the content starts. -TAG URL - VAST Insert the url/vast tag that will be automatically displayed in the player before the content starts. Show it in public videos only (accessible to all users, even those not registered on the platform) by activating the "Show only in videos with public privacy" flag.

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