Members section

This section is used to create, edit and view details of user groups.

In the first box, from the group settings, it is possible to change the name of the group, delete it or export in csv format the contacts of the members belonging to it.

In the all members group, the download button allows you to export different types of user groupings.To add members to a group, simply select it from the general list in the first box and click on the "add user" button.

You can choose the user from those already registered, invite them to register on the channel by e-mail (If you have an email list in csv format, you can directly insert that list).

In the second box is displayed the list of users of the selected group, the all platform users in the case of the "All members" group. By selecting the user you can:

  • - check the user manually if he has applied for subscription to the channel,
  • - block the user,
  • - remove the profile image,
  • - change the user's role within the platform (for more information on user roles visit the appropriate article),
  • - remove the user from a group,
  • - delete the user from the platform


























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