Dashboard section

Dashboard section

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In this section you will find general information about the quota status of your channel and charts with the trend of the last 7 days.
The quota status is useful to understand if the purchased plan is in line with expectations or if an upgrade is necessary.

Here are the details:
- Video hours: how many video minutes have been uploaded to the platform (in total)
- Live streaming: how many minutes of live streaming were carried out in the current month
- Administrators: how many administrator accounts are present
- Concurrent users: how many users are connected simultaneously on the platform

The graphs show several general metrics related to the seven days preceding the current date, in particular they compare the data of the current day with those of the previous day.


Here are the details:
- Registered users: registrations to the channel
- Total earnings
- Interactions: by interactions we mean the sum of live chats, reviews and qea counted daily
- Landing views: visits to the homepage for guest users

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