User roles

Learn how to manage user roles.

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MEMBER When a user registers on the channel, he/she automatically acquires the role of MEMBER and can access only free channel content with "All" or "Url Link" privacy or those for which they have subscribed. The MEMBER user does not see the "dashboard" but a similar page containing the "profile" and "payments" sections where is able to manage various information.

MANAGER The user with the role of MANAGER, in addition to what the MEMBER user can do, can create, edit and view his own series in the "organize" section, and access the "members" sections from the dashboard i.e. create or edit groups in which he/she is present and view the list of users within them.
The user manager in the "video" section can see both his own video and those associated with his series (whether creating/editing the series has selected Collaborators ).

ADMINISTRATOR When a user creates a new channel on he/she automatically acquires the role of "ADMINISTRATOR" and "Editor". The administrator user can access and edit all channel information and all "dashboard" sections provided in the chosen plan.

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