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If the course module is included in your plan you can...

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If the course module is included in your plan you can...



After selecting the course module when creating or editing the package, you can select the "Add controls" option, which is enabled for each series that will be associated with the package.

Activating a completion check on the series binds the end user to access subsequent series after watching all the videos in the series and, if the series in question is itself a course, to pass any checks on the videos it contains.



If the course mode is activated when creating or editing the series, the option of selecting "Add control" will appear on each video in the ordered list.
Two types of control can be set for videos on demand:

  • Completion check: in order to view subsequent videos, it is necessary to complete the viewing of the video.

  • Passing assessment: if an assessment has been associated with the video, the user must upload the solution and wait for a grade higher than the one indicated before proceeding with the viewing of subsequent videos.

For video quizzes, on the other hand, for which the final mark is calculated automatically, it is possible to set a minimum pass mark in order to proceed. If you fail, you will be able to retake the quiz unless you set a minimum number of days to attempt it again.



If an on demand video is associated with a series that is also a course, a pdf file can be uploaded from the video editing panel using the appropriate button.
The user can download this file on the page dedicated to the video and upload any solution, also in pdf format.

The files uploaded by the users can be accessed by clicking on the "assessment result" button, where it is also possible to assign a grade to each user by entering a value in the appropriate slot and clicking on save.

The user accessing the page of a series or a course package displays the time-line with the detail of the progress.

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