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To update your Android APP we need some futher configuration. 
Basically we need a Service Account JSON to authenticate on Store and update App within our internal system.

1) Go to the Google API Access page on the Google Play Console.

Google Play: configuring API access

2) Under Service Accounts, click the Create Service Account button to begin the process.

Google Play: Create a service account button highlighted



3) In the instructions, click the link to the Google API Console.

Google Play: Create Service Account instructions


4) Click the CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT button, on the newly opened page.

Google Play: Service Accounts

5) The Create service account page opens.

Google Play: Create Service Account Dialog
6) Choose a name for the new Service Account, and click Create.

Google Play: Choose Project -> Owner as role

7) Click the Select a role in the drop-down menu. Select Project, then Owner. Navigate to the next step by clicking Continue. On the new page, click + Create Key (optional) and a modal appears.

Google Play: Click + Create Key to generate a JSON file

8) Select JSON and click CREATE and a file with the .json extension will download to your system; this file will be used into our internal system to establish the connection to Google Play.

Google Play: Set key type as JSON

9) Once you've created the service account on the Google Developers Console, click Done. The API Access page automatically refreshes, and your service account will be listed.

Google Play: Service Account Created

10) Close the window and the new service account shows on the original page. Click the Grant Access button to complete the process.

Google Play: Original screen with new service account



At the end of all processes, you should have downloaded the .json file, please send it to specifing inside the object your App Name


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