Create your Apple Developer Account

Create your Apple Developer Account

1 - Prerequisites

  • Apple ID Account with Two-factor Authentication. If you don't have an Apple ID, select Create your own now and follow the instructions. Don't forget to enable two-factor authentication for the new ID you create. If you are not sure how to proceed, visit:

  • Apple Device: iPhone/iPad/Mac. We recommend that you use this device for the registration process. The use of a Microsoft PC, for example, could compromise its success.


2 - Identify your account type

Apple requires you to enroll based on the type of business you own. Use your Business Registration to help determine how to enroll (be careful, enrolling in the wrong Account Type will delay your APPs release).


  • Sole Proprietorship, Single-Person Company: Enroll as INDIVIDUAL

  • Corporation; Partnership; Limited Liability Company: Enroll as ORGANIZATION

3 - Enroll in Apple Developer Program

  • Create Account on, click on top right "Account" button, then "Sign-In" using your Apple ID (accept general terms and conditions).

  • Select Join Apple Developer Program, click on top right "Enroll" button, read requirements carefully. Lastly, click on "Start Enrollment" button at the bottom of the page.


Select Entity Type: Organization. Enter Company Information.
To enroll as an Organization you need:

Website: Publicly available; domain name must be related to your company

  • Legal Entity Status: To enter into contracts, company must be a legal entity

  • Legal Entity Name: Company name must correspond with the Tax ID

  • Legal Binding Authority: Person enrolling must have authority to sign agreements

  • DUNS Number: Find out how to check if a D-U-N-SĀ® Number has already been associated with your company or how to request one at

Check that the information you have entered are correct and click on Continue.


- Wait for Approval: If you register as a company, your profile will need to be reviewed by Apple Support. You will then receive instructions to finalise your registration by email. This process can take up to two weeks. You can always check the status of your activation from your developer account.For more information, please contact Apple Support.


- After Approved login to Apple Developer and select App Store Connect.


4 - Invite Teyuto Team

In order for your app to be available in the Apple Store, it is also necessary for Teyuto to be registered as an administrator for your account:


On App Store Connect sign in with the Apple ID used for the developer account:

1- click on "Users & Access", then on "Add (+)" symbol in the top left corner

2- click on "Enter Information" Name: Teyuto Apps


Role: Admin

Developer resources: make sure the box Access to certificates, identifiers and profiles is checked

3- click on "Invite".